Leki Grizzly 100
€ 69,50,- (Including finishermedal, t-shirt and livetracking)
83 km

€ 59,50,- (Including finishermedal, t-shirt and livetracking)

* Registrationprices are excluding administationcosts of Sqmtime.com (registrationmodule).

Registration for Leki Grizzly100 and 83km possible until Sunday 17 October.

There is no registration on raceday or Last minute registration!

From €59.50
Included in the price. Click on Yes.
Het parcours van de Bear Trail loopt voor een groot deel door natuur wat onderhouden wordt door Natuurpunt. Doe een vrijwillige bijdrage en steun de natuur!
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  • You can cancel your registration YOURSELF. This is done through your SQM Time Account. Under no circumstances will we return the registration amount in cash.

         a. You cancel more than 28 days before the event: You will receive 85% of your registration amount in SQM Time credits.
         b. You cancel less than 28 days before the event: You will not receive any SQM Time credits.

         You can use these credits for another Bearsports event through SQM Time.
  • You can also change data and / or options YOURSELF via your SQM Time account: If your new data results in a lower cost price, your account will be credited and you can use that amount for a subsequent registration.
    If your new information leads to a higher registration price, you will still have to pay that amount to complete the change.

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