Trail Games® Nisramont 


Official web page of the Trail Games® Nisramont (La Roche-en-Ardenne) - Trail run solo and teams. This trail is a part of the Runners' Lab Trailrunseries.

Maximum 100 runners run maximum 8 loop on 3 different courses ranging from 4 to 6km. BWith the start of every loop the dice are thrown. The first dice decides on the course you'll have to run, the second with with how many runners you'll have to run when compete in team. Competing the Trail Games is the most fun in teams of 2, 3 or 4, but you can also accpet the challenge solo. At the end of the day it's possible you would have run more the 43km.

The start of the first loop is at 10h, the second at 11h, .... the last loop we run at 17h. In between loops you can enjoy free pasta and La Chouffe to gain strength for the next loop. The first finisher of a loop will score 1 point, the second 2, the third 3 and so on. The runner with the least amount of points after 8 loops will be crowned as the Trail Games champion.

The first edition of the Trail Games® Nisramont will be held on Saturday the 22th July 2023 in Nisramont.

Max. 100 runners - 3 different courses from 4 to 6km - 8 loops - 2 dice

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No on-site registration 

It is NOT possible to register on the day itself.


This event is organised by Sport Events, a small Belgian company that organises more than 40 different events each year. The red thread throughout our events is nature.

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Organizer: Sportevents


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  • In order to participate, do I need to run 8 loops?


    Everyone is welcome for 1 loop or 8 loops. Trail Games® in Nisramont means that you have to complete as much loops as possible for which you'll have one hour per loop.

  • Can I still start in the next loop when I'm not back within 1 hour?

    Unfortunately not!

    You'll have one hour to finish your loop. If you finish later, you can't start the next round. Read everything in Course & concept.

  • How many persons can join a team?

    A team consists out of 2, 3 or 4 participants.

    Read all the info on tab "parcours en concept" thoroughly.
  • Who decides who runs when running in team?

    Teams are free of choice who needs to run. 
    This dice decides how many runners will have to run. Two options: one runner or two runners. When two runners are thrown, two team members need to run and finish together.
  • Several runners drop within/after a certain loop. How will the final ranking be determined?

    Final ranking of the Trail Games® Nisramont is determined primarily by the number of laps completed and, in the event of a tie, by the points scored: the person with the fewest points wins.

    Points are awarded at the end of each loops.

    Per loop, the fastest receives 1 point, the second 2 points, the third 3 points etc.. The 8th and last loop, the points count triple!

    Someone who manages to finish first 8 times, earns the minimum number of points of 10 and may then call himself the Trail Games Champion.

  • Are there seperate rankings for teams of 2, 3 or 4?


    Read everything about this in Course and concept.

  • Are there separate rankings for mixed and women teams?


    Read everything about this in Course and concept.

  • Do I need specific trail shoes for this event?

    Trail shoes are recommended when running offroad.
    They offer more stability on uneven terrain and prevent you from twisting your ankle over a tree root, stone, etc. . In addition, you need grip in steep climbs or technical descents.

  • Are dogs and/or poles allowed?

    Dogs are not allowed.

    Poles are allowed.

  • Due to circumstances I cannot participate. What should I do?

    Changing your distance, buying a T-shirt, adapting your data and even canceling it can ONLY be done through your SQM Time account. So you do this all by yourself!

    After you have logged in, search for the relevant order and change the details. If your new data results in a lower cost price, your account will be credited and you can use that amount for another registration. If your new information leads to a higher registration price, you still have to pay that amount to complete the change.

    If you wish to cancel, your account will be credited in accordance with our cancellation conditions. You can then spend this amount on another registration later.

    Attention: Please check the conditions of the organizer to find out until when  you can cancel and how much your account will be credited !

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