Holiday House Nisramont 

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A midweek is always from Monday to Friday, a weekend from Friday to Monday and a week can start on Friday or Monday. For different periods please contact us at [email protected]. If you book more than 6 weeks in advance you pay 50% of the rent now and the other 50% + deposit + cleaning costs + tourist taxes 6 weeks before your stay. Book less than 6 weeks in advance you pay everything immediately. Hoover over a period to see the price for rental only. Click on a period and the price in the blue bar includes cleaning costs (115 euros) and deposit (500 euros)
please specify the number of persons (babies under 1 year of age not included). The flat-rate tourist tax is calculated automatically depending on the number of persons and the period
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We use a flat rate of 115 euros
The deposit will be returned no later than 2 weeks after leaving the property and will be reduced by consumption and any damage. Consumption costs : Electricity : 0,50€/Kwh |Water: 8€/m3 |Wood: 10€/box
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